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Dr Graeme Williams, a medical doctor specialising in menopause, and men's andropause, can correct your hormone imbalance and positively change your life. Learn how the latest medical research can help you to:

  • gain energy
  • lose weight
  • relieve anxiety
  • reduce breast cancer risk
  • improve libido and sexual response

Enjoy living, loving and sleeping again. Simply and naturally.
Follow the steps below to begin your online consultations.

  Access Dr Williams online consultation program. Enter your credit card details via our secure payment form.

  Login and complete the extensively researched, detailed and confidential eHormone medical
questionnaire about your current symptoms, your medications, and your related past & family history.
  When you complete your questionnaire, Dr Graeme Williams will contact you by email to arrange a time for a detailed phone consultation, to clarify important points and to address your key concerns.
  Specialising in alternative hormone imbalance and menopause / menopausal treatment Noosa Sunshine Coast Australia.
  1. a confidential report of your current hormone status that will increase your understanding of your hormone imbalance and enable Dr Williams to formulate a cream tailor-made to balance your needs.
  2. your first three month supply of the exact amount of natural, bio-identical progesterone or/and testosterone (in an organic moisturising face & neck cream), necessary to relieve your symptoms and to restore your natural, more youthful hormone levels.
  3. Dr Williams insulin lowering ‘GO WILD’ diet, and
  4. an easy achievable exercise program.


  • the opportunity to purchase another three month supply of your specific hormone-balancing cream - to maintain your more youthful hormone levels - priced approx $55 plus $12.50 postage & handling.

As the advice on this website has been prepared without considering your personal situation or needs,
you should, before acting on the advice, consider its appropriateness to your circumstances.
View Disclosure Statements before acquiring any advice on this website.
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